The Phlebotomy courses includes free CPR Cerification for the Healthcare Provider through the American Heart Association.


"Achieving your ASCP certification is essential to a successful medical laboratory career. ASCP certification is the most requested and widely accepted form of certification for medical laboratory professionals. It’s the mark of distinction."

Medright, Inc. students excel at the ASCP examination

phlebotomyHere's what other students have had to say...

"Working as a phlebotomist I have job security, health benefits and I love knowing what I do is really important".
Karen S.

 "For me,  the phlebotomy class is a very hands on class, and that is the way I learn.  I think the instructors try very hard to make sure that you understand what you are taught.  And its an overall fun class that maintains my interest.  I actually hated school when I was younger, so when my dad suggested taking the class, the thought of going back to school didn't set well. But wow, the ten weeks flew by, I'm really happy I took the course".
Christie R.

"I have never been a fan of needles so I was a bit worried about taking this class but after the first lab I was totally at ease. The staff is great! The program is very structured which I think is important when learning how to draw blood". Mike W.

"After I lost my job I needed to find a new career. I didn't have time or money to go to a local college. Medright's program offered me a flexible schedule at an affordable rate. I even had a job offer during my clinical rotation!". Rebecca M.

"I really enjoyed the class, the laboratory sessions and especially the clinical rotation I did at Beaumont Hospital Out Patient Lab". Stephen S

"I was hired by St. John Health System after graduating from Medright's program. After working as a phlebotomist for a while I decided to continue on with my education in medicine. My employer offers tuition reimbursement so they pay for my classes!" John R.phlebotomy

  • NAACLS approved
  • In house financing available
  • Limited seating increases individual attention
  • Great preparation for the ASCP Exam - 100% of our students passed in 2013

Simply put Phlebotomy is the act of drawing blood. It can be achieved by either skin puncture, such as a finger stick, or by venipuncture which is inserting a needle into a vein. The role of a Phlebotomist cannot be understated as they play a crucial part in the well being of their patients.

Our Phlebotomy program consist of 2 components, the first is classroom instruction with ample laboratory time, followed by clinical rotations. In the classroom students will gain knowledge in the history, theory and step by step instruction on how to safely perform venipunctures. In the laboratory setting students use the equipment found at hospitals and laboratories. Once the student becomes comfortable with the technique of drawing blood using both the winged infusion set and evacuate tube system they begin drawing blood on actual people.phlebotomy

Once the student successfully completes the classroom and laboratory component they enter the clinical rotation. In this component students will gain work experience, under the supervision of certified Phlebotomist. The length of this component will vary with each individual. Once both components are completed the student will receive their certificate of completion.

In the state of Michigan there are no governmental regulations ensuring quality education in this profession. Therefore there are vast differences amongst the schools that provide an education in phlebotomy. What sets Medright, Inc. apart is that our phlebotomy program is approved by NAACLS, The National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. A prestigious organization that sets high standards for disciplines in laboratory sciences. Pertaining to what is taught in a specified program, what the experience and educational background of the instructor must be, what type of facility the program can be taught in. Programs wishing to become accredited must undergo intense scrutiny to ensure they meet the standards set by NAACLS.

Being NAACLS approved offers our students 2 distinctive advantages. First students have confidence they will receive a high caliber education. Secondly as graduates from a NAACLS approved program our students have the option of taking the ASCP, American Society for Clinical Pathologist board exam. Completing this examination puts our students at incredible advantage over students from other programs. The successful student is distinguished from others by the initials PBT (ASCP) that will follow their name.

Medright’s rigorous didactic program prepares graduates for both the American Society Clinical Pathologist board exam as well as the National Healthcare Association Exam. Taking either nationally recognized certification examination provides the students with distinct advantages in a competitive market place.

    american society for clinical pathology

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