What is Phlebotomy?

Phlebotomy is the process of withdrawing blood for the purpose of medical testing. A majority of treatment plans administered  by doctors are based on the results of blood test performed by Phlebotomists. Phlebotomists are an important member of the heathcare team.  Doctor and patients rely on the skill and knowledge the Phlebotomists possess.

Phlebotomists are hired in hospitals, doctor offices, blood donation centers, dialysis centers, staffing companies, and insurance companies. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the demand for Phlebotomists will continue to be 25% higher than all other occupations. Unlike other occupations, Phlebotomy offers job security as the skills performed by trained Phlebotomists cannot be replaced by advancing technology and they are immune from outsourcing.  

Phlebotomy can be a lifelong career choice, or it can be a steeping stone on to another healthcare field. Students come to Medright, Inc. to learn new skills they need to start a career, RNs and LPNs come to learn how to draw blood, students come to satisfy patient contact hours for Physician Assistant Programs and Medical School.

Medright Inc.'s comprehensive Phlebotomy Program teaches students anatomy & physiology, infection control, blood collection equipment and procedures and so much more.  ​Our structured program gives step guided instruction so that every student can be successful, whether they have a prior medical education and experience or nothing at all.

​Our talented and experienced staff assists the students throughout the program, providing the encouragement and direction each student needs to learn how to draw blood using a variety of equipment, from multiple locations on the patients. Students learn the importance of performing aseptic procedures, the specific vacutainers in which the blood is collected in and the testing being done on the blood samples.

​Students learn non-blood specimen testing and processing such as how to prepare blood smears, aliquot specimens, perform bleeding time test, prepare urine samples operate a centrifuge and much more.

Upon successful completion of the didactic component eligible students will attend a clinical rotation where the student will have the opportunity to use the skills taught in the program. A vast majority of our  students attend a Clinical Rotation at one of St. John Providence's many locations or at one of William Beaumont Hospital's prestigious facilities. This incredible opportunity not only allows the students to increase their venipuncture skills, it allows them to display their medical and people skills by professionally interacting with the staff and patients. As a result many of the students are now gainfully employed at the very location they attended a Clinical Rotation.  Read a testimonial from a recent graduate of our Phlebotomy program.

Our Phlebotomy Program at Medright, Inc. prepares the student for the International certification exam given by the American Society for Clinical Pathology, (ASCP).  

NAACLS, National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences. 5600 N. River Road, Suite 720, Rosemont, IL: 60018 Ph. 773-714-8880 / Fax 773-714-8886 

Email: info@naacls.org / www.naacls.org