Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) and Platelet- Rich Fibrin (PRF) has experienced substantial growth in the dental and aesthetic communities over the last few years—it's currently being used by orthodontist to promote healing after dental procedures, in medical spas to rejuvenate the skin, and other medical facilities to assist in hair restoration and wound healing.

Both PRP and PRF procedures start with a successful venipuncture. Medright, Inc. staff is highly experienced and skilled in teaching aseptic venipuncture procedures using a variety of equipment for maximum patient safety and comfort.                                                                   

Is your office offering procedures using PRP / PRF for dental or musculoskeletal tissue repair? Are you providing cutting edge cosmetic care to your clients? Medright, Inc. can provide training to your staff in how to perform venipunctures and IV Skills. Contact us for a private customized class just for your group.