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Why Medright, Inc. Is The Right Choice

Getting into the healthcare field is an wise decision. In addition to job security in the health industry, there is always room for advancement, and the professional rewards that can't be beat. Whether you are looking for patient contact hours or wanting a new career, where you go to school makes all the difference in the world.  There are a lot of options, and with so many schools, how do you decide where to go and which program to take?

You need to know not all schools are the same.  Don't let price be the deciding factor.  Some "fly-by-night" phlebotomy schools are held in people's basements and last 2 - 6 weeks.  Be sure you are only considering attending a reputable school that has been around for decades.  Medright, Inc. has been licensed to provide healthcare education in the State of Michigan for over 20 years.

Not all curricula are created equal. ​Just as not all schools are the same, neither are their programs.  Our curriculum has evolved over 20 years to take provide the skills that hospitals need.  ​What is taught in one course may not be taught in the same course at a different school.  What is taught is not regulated by the State of Michigan -- that is up to each individual school.  ​This should be a very important factor in deciding which school you attend. As a prospective student, be sure to ask questions about a school's curriculum.

  • ​What will you learn in the program? 
  • Will it provide you with the skills you seek and lead to employment opportunities?
  • Will it give you experience in a real hospital environment?

Medright, Inc.'s Phlebotomy Program is hands down the most comprehensive program in the state. We teach our students everything they need to know to be professional phlebotomists and specimen processors.  In addition, we offer other career-boosting courses.

​Accredited or not accredited? ​This is a very important question. There are several agencies that schools can be accredited by.  Some are legitimate and recognized by hospitals others simply have a name that sounds good but are of no value. These are called "accreditation mills" they are intended to mislead the prospective student and often result in harm to the patients. Hospitals and employers will not recognize these certificates / credentials, leaving the student out of money and a wasting their time. Shady schools count on students not checking into the legitimacy of the school.  Medright, Inc. has been accredited from the National Accrediting Agency for Clinical Laboratory Sciences, NAACLS, since 2000. We are the only proprietary school in the state of Michigan with a Phlebotomy Program that has NAACLS accreditation.   Our NAACLS certification demonstrates our commitment to public service by upholding the highest standards for clinical laboratory sciences and related health professions.  

Clinical Rotations:​​ Experience is everything. Be sure the school you are considering provides you with a Clinical Rotation. This is a valuable experience in which students are placed in a major hospital system to draw blood on actual patients, not merely other students.  Medright, Inc. students are highly sought after. We have hospitals contacting us wanting our students at their hospitals. The hospital see the Clinical Rotation as a job interview. Many of our students accept job offers where they performed their clinical rotation. 

Whether you are just out of high school or entering retirement, attending college, or already employed in the medical field, we have courses suited to your needs and schedule.