Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation

Did you know...

The average response time for 911 first responders is 8-10 minutes after placing the call?

That's not bad until you consider the brain starts to die in 4-6 minutes.  What you do for someone that is not breathing or in cardiac arrest before 911 arrives can mean the difference bt. them living and dying. A patient losses 10% chance of recovering for every minute CPR is not being performed.   

  • Over 88% of all cardiac and breathing emergencies occur in the home.
  • ​ choking is a  leading cause of death in children.
  • Americans suffer over 1.5 million heart attacks each year?
    Approximately 350,000 of these people die before ever reaching a hospital.  Fear of not knowing what to do or doing the wrong thing can easily be avoided by learning some simple steps. The American Heart Association has made learning CPR even easier with fun educational videos. Medright, Inc. uses these videos with new real time feedback mannequins. So you will know immediately if you are performing the steps correctly.

    There are many levels of CPR that are designed for the general public.  Whether you are a new parent, babysitter, caregiver for a loved one or simply want to be prepared when the time comes that someone needs help there is a right level for you.

    Medright, Inc. staff members know the importance of CPR. We know the outcomes when a bystander took action and when no one knew what to do. We are very passionate about teaching CPR: not only is it included in all the programs we teach, we have also taught it to Scouts, Venture Crew, police officers, grandparents, middle schoolers and public educators.
  • Isn't it time  for you to learn CPR?
  • For people renewing their CPR certification the classroom portion of the CPR class can now be done online. 
  • Once an individual completes the online segment, simply print off the certificate and call us to schedule a time to have the skill portion completed. 

CPR Saves Lives

CPR Saves Lives


  • CPR is a life skill everyone should have. Medright, Inc. provides certification courses through the American Heart Association for Heartsaver CPR/AED and BLS.

Infant CPR


  • Medright, Inc. students learn to perform infant CPR, how to operate an AED and how to help an infant that is choking.

Adult + Child CPR


  • Medright, Inc. students learn how to perform adult and child CPR, how to operate an AED and perform the Heimlich on someon that is choking.

Boy Scouts


  • Medright, Inc, is a proud supporter of the Boy Scouts of America. 

School Teachers


  • Over 70 teachers from the Clawson School District become certified in Heartsaver CPR AED at Medright, Inc. 

Troy Rotary Club


  • Is your business, club or organization certified in CPR? Medright, Inc. has taught many groups Heartsaver CPR AED through American Heart Association.